Thad Smotherman


Hi my name is Thad Smotherman.  I have lived in Colorado my entire life.  I grew up near Lamar Colorado, my passion for the outdoors began on my family’s ranch. I spent majority of my youth hunting big game, upland birds, small game and waterfowl.  Shortly after high school I found less time to pursue waterfowl. About 10 years ago, my dad decided to reconnect me with my passion and I haven’t looked back since.  A few years ago, I started hunting with some of the WVWC staff and they suggested that I join their organization.  I accepted their offer and joined them.  I am the current Treasurer and Pro-Staff for the Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club.

I enjoy taking my kids hunting which I see as our future of the sport and will take any beginner out that has the passion for hunting.  I look forward to working with the WVWC for the future and meeting new friends along the way.


Steve Thale


Howdy my name is Steve Thale. I was born and raised in Montana. I have been hunting since I was 12 mostly big game and some upland birds. I have been fortunate enough to harvest some beautiful whitetails and a few elk.  I joined the army in 2003and have had three tours to Iraq and one to Korea. I have only been hunting waterfowl since 2010 but once I went i was head over heels. I love anything and everything outdoors and love sharing my passions with my kiddos.

Rosario Leotta

My name is Rosario Leotta, my friends call me Leo. I was born in upstate New York and found my deep passion for waterfowl hunting while stationed at Ft. Polk, Louisiana where my family and I had lived for over 6 years. I now reside in Colorado Springs with my wife, three amazing children, and my partner in the field, my birddog Rex. I have been in the Army for 14 years, stationed all over the U.S. and deployed all over the world. Hunting and the outdoors is a huge part of my life as well as my family’s lives. I am always scouting and looking for were my next amazing waterfowl experience will be.

I look forward to furthering my passion for waterfowl hunting with the Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club and sharing this amazing pastime with future waterfowl enthusiasts!

Jared Davis


I am Jerad Davis, born and raised in Colorado. I spent seven and a half years in the US Army working on helicopters and UAVs with one deployment to Afghanistan in 2006-2007. Most of my time in the army was spent at Fort Drum with 277 ASB/C-10 Aviation with the last 2 years being at Fort Carson before being medically separated. I have been hunting in Colorado since 1996 for big game and have hunted waterfowl for about 4 years all over the southeast area of Colorado. My years are spent preparing to hunt, hunting, or fishing with my family and friends.


John Binney


My names is John Binney. I've been in the woods ever since I was old enough to walk, following in my Father’s footsteps. I was raised in Missouri and spent most of my time chasing Deer and Turkeys. Killed my first Deer and Turkey at the age of 8, and been doing it ever since. Been lucky enough to harvest some pretty nice long beards and bucks. My new-found passion is Waterfowl, just got introduced into it about 3 years ago, by some of my Army buddies. I have to admit I'm hooked. There is just something about seeing birds come in with their wings cupped, and feet down getting ready to land in your decoys.


Chris Hughes


My name is Chris Hughes. I was born in Augsburg, Germany.  After my father left the military when I was 2 we moved back to the states, where I was raised in Wisconsin.  My family has always loved to hunt. I started going hunting with my dad when I was 8 years old. I started with just deer. As I got older a started hunting on my own I was able to explore how to hunt everything else I could.  I joined the Army in 2009, and have been overseas twice.  I had duck hunted a few times as a kid, but I really got into when I moved to Colorado and will never stop. I hope to teach my kiddos everything I know about hunting, and hope they enjoy it as much as I do.


Jared Schuster


My name is Jared Schuster. I'm an Infantryman stationed at Fort Carson, Co. I'm originally from Ducktown, Ga. I started waterfowl hunting in 2007 and built a love for it. I grew up hunting flooded timber for wood ducks and mallards. I have a passion for hunting deer, elk and turkey as well. My main passion is sharing the outdoors with our youth and veterans.




Thomas Rasmussen


My name is Tom Rasmussen. I currently live in Carrollton Texas. I spent 9 years in the Army as a Scout and got out in December of 2013. I am originally from way up north in Minnesota. I grew up deer hunting and pheasant hunting the prairies of the north. I shot my first duck around ten years ago, on Fort Bragg, NC. The moment it folded and hit the water I was hooked. I have taught myself most of everything and have most definitely learned the hard way on most occasions. It's an addiction that takes up almost all of my free time during the season. I have been hunting the mountains and ponds of Colorado for the last 6 years but now I’m chasing ducks in Texas. I have hunted just about every corner of the state and have come to learn it very well. I love nothing more than bringing new people to the sport and watch their faces light up when they shoot their first bird or watch their first big flock come screaming into the spread. I think helping our fellow veterans is one of the biggest responsibilities we have and can I can't wait to get started.




Derek Hyde


The name is Derek. I hail from the All-American small town of Morocco, located in the Northwestern fields of Indiana. As far back as I can remember I spent countless hours with my grandfather learning the ins and outs of the outdoors. I’ve mastered the backwoods of Indiana from the common squirrel to a state record-breaking whitetail. I left home in the spring of 2008 and joined the military. Just a few years later I met and married my beautiful wife Ashley. Through her support and my determination, my passion for hunting helped progress my career into one of the elite sectors of the United State Army. In 2011 I proudly became a Special Forces Green Beret. I have selflessly endured my share of deployments. In the fall of 2013, my team was targeted by a suicide bomber in the deserts of Afghanistan. I’ve recently returned home and am on the path to full recovery. I find comfort and solace in the life of the outdoors and I will forever answer to the call of the wild.




Alex Clark


Name's Alex Clark. Born and raised in Inver Grove Heights, MN. Spend a lot of time hunting anywhere around the cities I can get to, or up north at my cabin near Grand Rapids, MN. Most of my hunting is done in Minnesota, but also get on my game in Colorado, the Dakotas, and hopefully start heading south for snows and mallards in the near future. I’m mostly a duck and goose hunter, but i do deer hunt a little and love to shoot some grouse up north.


North Carolina


Austin Arnold


My names Austin Arnold. I was born and raised in Johnston County, North Carolina. I spent 4 years in the Army as an infantryman at Fort Carson, Colorado. I Got out of the Army in December 2014, and have moved back to my home town in North Carolina. I hunt mostly in eastern N.C. as well as Northern N.C. for Deer, Turkey, small game, and waterfowl. I did quite a bit of waterfowl hunting during my time in Colorado, and have made trips up to Minnesota as well. I have a passion for waterfowl hunting, and look forward to bringing new hunters into the sport.





Billy Davis


I am 48 years old, born in Southern Illinois and raised in Eastern Kansas. I spent most of my younger life fishing and got interested in hunting eight years ago. Since I started hunting I have been obsessed with the sport, water fowling is my favorite. I hunt every weekend, and any other spare moment I can. I believe in helping other's get involved in the sport, which is why I chose to help this wonderful organization.

Evan though I have been in the sport a short time, I have gained a lot of useful information that I can pass on to others. Other organizations that I currently help with are: South Platte Delta Chapters and Southern Arkansas River Valley Delta Chapter. By helping the Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club, I am able to give back to the Soldiers whom have sacrificed so much in order for us to live in the greatest country in the world. Their sacrifice gives us the ability to enjoy the sport many of us love so much.

Let's load up the dog and the dekes and stack some up!




My name is HB Adams Jr.  I have been interested in all things that fly and how to make them stop since I got my first BB gun when I was 9 years old.  I grew up in northern Indiana hunting deer, small game and waterfowl.  From the second week of September till the end of January you can find me in the woods.  I love teaching all my buddies the finer points of setting out a decoy spread and using what cover they have to make blinds.  But, the biggest joy that I now have is taking my two children out with me and teaching them all about the great outdoors and passing that legacy on.  Knowing that they are the next generation of hunters brings me great pride in knowing that this sport we love will continue.



Field Staff





Joshua Kerk


My name is Joshua Kerk. Born and raised out of Grand Junction, CO where my passion for waterfowl had an early start. Hunting waterfowl since the age of 9 and big game at the age of 12, I have grown to love anything and everything I can do outdoors. At the end of high school in 2008 I left for the Air Force, and was lucky enough to be able to be stationed in my home state near the Denver area. Been on two deployments and after 6 years active, have moved over to the reserves which makes it a lot easier to do what I love, hunt and watch new hunters bring down their first bird.


Tyler Roach


I grew up in southern California near the coast. At a young age my father started taking me out hunting and deep sea fishing. In 2004, I moved to Colorado; that's when I started duck and goose hunting. When I turned 12 I shot my first buck mule deer, elk, and antelope. Needless to say, after having that amount of success in my first year of hunting, I was hooked! From then on, I spent my summers competing in trap, skeet, and 3D archery. Although I am no longer competing, I still spend most of my free time in the off season preparing for Fall. 

From arrowing a bull moose, to shooting ducks in late December; nothing gets my blood pumping like the pursuit of these elusive creatures. To me the success of a hunt is not measured by the inches of antlers or numbers of birds but of the quality of the adventure and adrenaline of the pursuit. Antlers, full freezer and stacked tailgates are just a bonus.