The Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club (WVWC) provides FREE hunts to Active Duty and Wounded Veterans, our number one goal at the end of the day is a smile on everyone’s face.

 Attending a hunt reduces stress through entertainment, strengthens brotherhood bonds, builds life long memories and encourages service members to enjoy the great outdoors.

 Giving free hunts is an expression of appreciation, acknowledgement and an enduring symbol that we, as a nation, honor the men and women who have served. Helping our veterans attend free hunts provides a positive outlook for our veterans and life experiences after their years of service to our great nation. 





Our service members shoulder an unthinkable amount of burdens of stress and sacrifice. 16.6 million Veterans have served during wartime and 3.6 Million Veterans have service-related disabilities.

 2.5 million Service Members have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost 1 million have served multiple deployments. Since 2002 over 52,000 Americans have been wounded, over 1,500 are now amputees and over 6,800 have been killed in action. We want to honor and support those that served and sacrificed so much.

 Scars of war, both mental and physical, can stay with our veterans the rest of their lives. By showing our veterans the great outdoors allows them to cope. We feel that Mother Nature has a since of therapeutic traits and allows people to relax.





 We offer hunts to any Wounded Veteran with a Colorado Small game License, Colorado Waterfowl Stamp & Federal Duck Stamp. You will also need a Hunters Safety Certificate if your age requires it.

 The Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club can provide Ammo, Guns, Camo, Blinds, Decoys, Calling skills and our local expert skills to put you on the birds. If you have never been a wing shooter don’t worry.

 If you’re interested in attending a hunt please click here to register.